How to Measure Your Feet

How to Measure Your Feet

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Measuring your feet accurately is important to get the right fit for your shoes. It’s always best to measure your feet while you’re standing up if possible. Read our handy guide below, or jump to the end for the infographic.

You’ll need:

  • Paper
  • Pen / pencil / marker
  • Ruler
  • Your feet

Take your piece of paper and put it on the floor against the wall.

Put your foot on top of the paper with your heel against the wall, and your foot pointing directly away from the wall in a straight line.

Take your ruler and place it standing up at the longest point of your foot. Mark that point on the paper with your pen.

Repeat the last two steps for your other foot. (It’s important to measure both feet since they’re not always exactly the same length).

Use your ruler to measure the lengths marked on the paper.

Unless there’s a large difference between your two feet (i.e. more than 0.5cm or ~¼”) then it’s usually best to choose a size based on the longest foot.

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